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In association with the STOP (Share, Talk, Offer, Protect) program, Greenvolt Power will be launching a series of biodiversity-related workshops in order to present the many subjects surrounding this issue in greater depth. These will be presented to several local communities in Poland and then extended to other countries.

TALK, to future generations

One of the program’s initiatives is “TALK”, with the aim of increasing energy and environmental literacy and equipping new generations with the knowledge to help combat climate change and protect the planet, and this series of workshops aimed directly at children is crucial to spreading this message to external audiences.

The series of workshops is an innovative and comprehensive program designed to foster a deeper understanding and active participation in enhancing biodiversity within urban environments and personal gardens. This program is structured around a series of engaging and interactive workshops, each focusing on a different aspect of urban ecology and practical conservation strategies.

The first workshop, “Birds in the City and Garden,” offers participants a unique opportunity to delve into the world of urban bird species. This workshop aims to enhance understanding of the various bird species that thrive in urban settings, their critical environmental roles, and the challenges they face. Participants will learn about the importance of creating bird-friendly environments in their gardens or community spaces. A highlight of this session is a DIY birdhouse activity, where attendees will construct their own birdhouses, learning practical skills to encourage avian visitors to their areas.

Following this, the “Wild Pollinators” workshop shifts the focus to the smaller, often overlooked inhabitants of our cities: wild bees. This session emphasizes the diversity of wild bee species that can be found in urban areas, their vital roles as pollinators in our ecosystems, and the specific challenges they face due to urbanization. Participants will engage in discussions on various strategies to support these essential pollinators, culminating in a hands-on project where they will build their own insect houses, providing safe habitats for bees and other beneficial insects in their local environments.

The third workshop, the “Urban Flower Meadows Workshop,” addresses the importance of flower meadows within city landscapes. Participants will learn about the ecological significance of these vibrant habitats, including their ecosystem services like supporting pollinators and improving urban biodiversity. The workshop will guide attendees on how to successfully cultivate and maintain urban flower meadows, regardless of the size of their available space. A practical component includes creating a custom seed mix and crafting “flower bombs,” which are an innovative way to introduce a variety of flowering plants into urban settings.

These workshops collectively aim not only to educate but also to inspire participants to take an active role in conserving and enhancing urban biodiversity. By providing both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, the workshops empower individuals to make a positive impact in their local environments. The series emphasizes the interconnectedness of urban ecological systems and the role each person can play in promoting a more biodiverse and sustainable urban landscape.


Article written by: Sylwia Jaruga-Białaś, Environmental and Biodiversity Expert at Greenvolt Power

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