Biodiversity is all about life!
It’s the variety of living beings that exist on our planet. From animals and plants to fungi and microorganisms.

All of these species and organisms work together to maintain balance and support life, and we acknowledge the importance of preserving biological diversity because our operations both depend on and impact natural capital.

Protecting biodiversity and addressing climate change are strategic priorities for us, therefore, we are integrating risk and opportunity assessments into our governance model and decision-making processes, demonstrating our commitment to preventing and mitigating nature loss.

Within Greenvolt Group’s Sustainability Strategy, we have introduced our Nature-Positive Strategy. By 2030, we aim to accelerate our positive impact on nature through three strategic approaches

To build credibility and transparency around biodiversity work (impacts, dependencies, risks and opportunities).

To build a “Nature Positive” business model, based on the mitigation hierarchy (account and valuing).

To act towards a positive transition for nature, climate and communities (monitor, and establish partnerships).

Following these approaches, we are pursuing four strategic goals

Contribute to reducing biodiversity loss by applying the mitigation hierarchy and aiming to impact biodiversity positively in the long term.

Promote partnerships to deepen knowledge in the field of biodiversity conservation and recovery.

Actively contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals enshrined in the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Protect natural heritage and biodiversity with contributions to the community through the S.T.O.P. Social Responsibility Programme.

Balancing Energy and Ecology

Photovoltaic farms offer a unique opportunity to address two critical environmental challenges simultaneously: climate change and biodiversity loss.

Firstly, Photovoltaic farms generate clean and renewable energy from sunlight, thereby reducing dependence on fossil fuels. This helps combat climate change and since the world is shifting to a low-carbon economy, the expansion of renewable energy sources such as solar power is essential for achieving global climate goals.

Furthermore, photovoltaic farms, if properly planned, can support biodiversity conservation efforts. The area underneath and around the panels can also promote many forms of life. If carefully planned and managed, they can provide habitats for native plants, insects, birds and other wildlife. By incorporating features such as pollinator-friendly vegetation, wildlife corridors and habitat restoration projects, photovoltaic farms can increase local biodiversity and promote ecosystem health.

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At Greenvolt Power, our unwavering commitment to biodiversity is at the center of our mission. In the Biodiversity Strategy established by the Greenvolt Group, we pledge to work towards “no biodiversity loss”, while ambitiously pursuing a “net gain” in biodiversity.

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Our biodiversity objectives are linked to the Greenvolt Group’s sustainability strategy.