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Greenvolt Power creates value through renewable energy development around the world

We are not only focused on the maximisation of the benefits for the investors, local communities and landowners but also for the environment

We cover the whole project lifecycle including development, construction, financing, asset management, and advisory.

Are you a Landowner?

Greenvolt Power offer an exciting opportunity for landowners to receive a guaranteed and significant long-term income from renewable energy projects

A stable, long-term income
As landowner, you will benefit from a long-term, predictable and dependable rental income for at least 30 years.

Zero cost or risk to you
Greenvolt Power take care of the design, permitting, installation and long term operation and maintenance of the solar farm, at absolutely no cost to you, including any legal fees. We even take care of the removal of the solar farm at the end of its operational life, returning the land to its former use.

Biodiversity enhancement
All of our solar farms are designed to ensure that biodiversity is enhanced. This is achieved though various means, including provision for wildflower seed sowing to attract pollinators, planting of trees and enhancement of hedgerows as well as bird and bat boxes.

Dual use of land for energy and farming
Many types of farming practice can happily co-exist with the solar farm. For example, sheep will happily graze amidst the solar panels, helping to maintain the grass beneath the panels and potentially providing you with a further income stream.

Be an ambassador for the fight against climate change
Last but not least, by hosting a solar farm, you
are playing a vital role in the clean energy transition and the fight against climate change.



7.7 GW

Total pipeline

2.9 GW

Ready to Build until 2023

Our approach to renewable energy development balances environmental protection with meeting climate goals and energy demands of communities

Greenvolt power creates value for local communities and helps the rural economy. We capitalise on our expertise to develop projects suiting our investors, landowners and communities.


Our team consists of people with recognised achievements in the renewable energy sector. Greenvolt Power UK is backed by the support, experience and knowledge of a global business. This allows us to quickly identify trends, emerging technologies and effectively manage investment risk throughout the project life cycle

Matthew Hayes

Head of Development and Origination

Neil Exton

Head of Land & Development UK & Ireland

Jonny Griffiths

Senior Technical Manager

Andy Davies

Construction Manager

Ben Adebowale

Grid Connections Manager UK & Ireland

Daniel Turner

Development Associate

Jacqui Ashforth

Finance Manager UK & Ireland

Liliana Armitage

Legal Manager UK

Amy Owen

Project Manager


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