We are developing energy storage projects as a response to the urgent need to modernise power grids and provide greater energy security.

In driving forward the energy transition, we are developing energy storage projects to provide greater energy security to all.  We believe in the creation of solid alternatives to traditional centralised power solutions.

New energy storage projects promote and encourage hybridization of projects.  By efficiently pooling complementary clean generation technologies, it becomes possible to generate and deliver power to the grid in base load profile.

With a growing pipeline of energy storage projects in excess of 1.4GW in total, we are one of the leading actors in this area.

1.4 GW

Total pipeline


Why energy storage?

Energy storage technologies are set to play an increasingly critical role in tomorrow’s dynamic clean energy system, and are crucial to tackling climate change.

Energy storage offers multiple benefits to both the environment and the economy, contributing to the rural development.

Energy storage promotes a more secure and resilient grid by providing a more flexible yet dispatchable flow of clean energy during periods of high demand.

Energy storage enables surplus off peak cheap energy to be stored and utilised by final consumers at peak times when market energy prices are at their highest.