Wind energy is renewable. Produces no waste or greenhouse gases and consumes little space.

We create value for the landscapes by generating benefits to the environment.
In exchange for providing moderate physical space, landowners and farmers can receive guaranteed long-term rent after installing one or more wind turbines.

At Greenvolt Power we know that installation of wind turbines is a long term investment, therefore we are committed to build strong and long-lasting relationships with local communities by being engaged with CSR actions.

76 MW

in construction

We take professional care over Wind Turbines by providing O&M services

Wind Farms are safe and environmentally friendly.
Greenvolt Power provides professional O&M services, ensuring safe operation and assets.
We are committed to build strong relationships with local authorities and local communities.

Greenvolt Power restores land to initial form or extend land lease for future operations, after the lifespan of the project.